What is Mathazone Online Portal ?

The Mathazone online portal is an online platform that provides the Mathazone programme’s whole educational content to management, teachers and parents at three different authorisation levels.

Educational content you can view on the portal;

  • Weekly implementation plans;

These are especially designed according to principles of early years learning psychology in the right universal mathematics order.

Each plan contains cross-curricular activities to fulfil social and emotional developmental targets as well as maths targets.

The materials found in each weekly plan:  Mathazone videos, drama plans, songs, e-books, weekly routine activity documents and related Mathazone images such as characters or maps.

  • Gap Analysis Module;

An assessment tool for analysing the conceptual distribution and reporting for each child and the whole class is available on the portal. Analysis is available for all levels except ages 0-3.

The purpose of this module is to improve the educational implementation of the Mathazone programme towards the needs of the child and the class. For this reason, this module is used actively by the teachers and followed by management but cannot be seen by parents.

  • Mathazone class decoration kit;

The “Mathazone Characters and Maps” are available online with printable versions for your class decoration and game material purposes.

  • Certificate formation at the end of the year for the student and the teacher;

Each child registered to the Mathazone portal wins a certificate at the end of the educational year without exception. Teachers can print these out and deliver them directly to their students.  

The portal also automatically creates teachers’ certificates when they fulfil certain criteria. These criteria are based on regular follow up issues. (You may kindly find the details in the portal guidelines.)

If you are a ‘Principal’ (Head Teacher), the Mathazone Portal supports you in your administrative targets in educational matters. 

If a school decides to use the Mathazone Programme, the first step is for the system to create the school and its head teacher on the Mathazone Online Portal. This ensures that management has the widest authority for completing other transactions such as;

  • Creating classes and teacher users
  • Assigning teachers to the right classes,
  • Accessing all the educational content at all age levels
  • Following up each class’ and student’s progress and printing teacher reports and certificates

If your school is a chain school, then the “Head of Principles” can be defined as “Group Manager User” on the Portal. This level of user is able to view the same content as each individual principal in the group of schools.


If you are a “Teacher”, Mathazone Portal supports you in reaching your mathematical teaching targets in yearly development matters.

As soon as the school principal gives the login information to teacher users, the Mathazone adventures can be started in each class. Teachers add their students to their classes and can then actively use the educational content of Mathazone programme which they access easily from the portal platform.

You, as a teacher, can win a certificate at the end of the year if you follow up and implement the programme regularly. Teachers’ efforts are rewarded with a Mathazone Certificate.


If you are a “Parent”, the Mathazone Portal helps you to follow up the mathematical concepts that your child learns during the year and then reinforce them together in daily home life.

As soon as the teacher adds your child to their online class on the portal, login information is created for the parent automatically. Once you receive your Mathazone Portal login information from the teacher you can easily access the portal from mathazone.com by clickingLoginat the top of the page.

This module has been prepared specifically for parents. The plans offered in this section are suggestions for simple routine daily life activities. They are simple but the order of the concepts is very professional. The goal of the parent module is to help your child by repeating the concepts covered in school for better understanding and more meaningful learning.

The Mathazone Online Portal is a great resource for all parties involved in early years education.

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