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Since William entered into the forest of Mathazone, he finds ways to tell maths stories about everything. He counts and adds the cars he sees, fruit, finger and toes. He sees patterns in the road and creates patterns with his toys. His imagination and creativity with the language of maths is amazing. We are so glad he is interested in learning and above all is he is having fun.

Marie McKinnon (mother), Dubai / UAE

Kelvan has been exposed to Nuket’s Maths Programme for 3 years and really enjoys and looks forward to his Maths lessons. He has developed a love for all things “Number related” and has become an enthralled with the Mathazone Stories. He relates them with joy and has retained so much information without realizing that he is learning because the programme is so much fun. He amazes us with the grasp of the concepts taught such as symmetry and continuing in 2s and 10s and we look forward to his continued success and enjoyment of maths.”

Toni Gadd (mother), Dubai / UAE

As a high school maths teacher, I come across so many children who cannot relate to mathematics and have no feel for numeracy. They are in fact innumerate. The incorporation of stories in The Mathazone programme addresses this issue by bringing your children the magic of maths, engaging them in the subject, tickling their imagination and allowing maths to grow in them naturally the medium of storytelling. As a mother of two boys, 4 and 6 years old, I have seen how my children have flourished in maths. “I love maths”, “tell us a maths story mum” are now everyday expressions. Not only do they have a feel for maths, they have an eye and taste for it too! That’s all thanks to the Mathazone programme.

Magda Breen Dubai / UAE

Sophia is 6 years old; She has been attending the maths class since she was in PS1 (age4). It is always a fun maths class for her, she loves it. I can remember when she first learned about symmetry, she drew a line on her sister’s face to show her that the 2 parts of her face are symmetrical! She is now in first grade and she can tell that maths at school is not as much fun as it was with Miss Nuket.
Nina is 4 years old; this is her first year attending maths class, and she really enjoys it. She memorizes every single word that Miss Nuket teaches her, plus she understands every concept that has been explained to her.
She looks at home for shapes in the tiniest places, that us adults would not notice, plus she loves the concepts of 3D fat, 2D flat!

Dalal Naciri Dubai / UAE

My son Nikolaus Boczek, whilst in Grade 1 was invited to the gifted and talented programme of his school because of his extraordinary maths skills, which are largely due to Ms Nuket’s special maths programme Mathazone. Niki went to Ms Nuket’s club for 2 years so I can recommend that every parent register for this special Maths Programme starting from KG1 onwards.

Sabine Boczek (mother), Dubai / UAE

As parents of two children, we would like to express our gratitude to Nuket Solmaz for creating the Mathazone programme. Thanks to this programme both of our children have learned to love Maths and this reflects very well on their academic records. This programme is designed to make maths concepts clear, simple and a lot of fun for children to learn. Thank you for making learning maths such an exciting experience for all of us.

Yulia and John Wimpole (mother – father), Dubai / UAE

There are a few unequivocal joys in life that leave an incredible mark, an etching in the memory bank of your lifetime, when you catch a glimpse of the world through a child’s eyes. More than such a remarkable moment occurred as our precious Mia began recognizing that nature was full of awe-inspiring symmetry and patterns and that the patterns were the basis of life. Leaves, flowers, fossils were never the same. Under Mia’s math spell they were “dissected” into symmetrical patterns that revealed growth and beauty.
On a bright and sunny Saturday morning Mia woke up eager to start her day in maths club with Miss Nuket. Leaving the house for our usual bike ride to school, I stopped Mia and asked her to take off her fairy wings, quick to reprimand her from taking “toys” to school. She looked at me as no 5 years old should and said “But Muuuuuuu-uuum, the wings ARE for school, -look! see!? -They are symmetrical!”
She put me in my place -gob smacked and in utter admiration of her, our oh-so insightful Mia. The world is revealed to us through her eyes yet again.

Sandra Bisaibes Dubai / UAE

My daughter has been attending your maths club since its inception and I can safely say that signing her up for this weekly class was one of the best decisions we made (educationally) for our daughter.
To put it simply: Yasmin loves maths. She believes she can solve any maths related problem, and this provides her with an abundance of self-confidence that every child should be so lucky to enjoy.
From a parental point of view, maths and languages are probably the most important skills that we would want our children to learn at this young age. For her to have (or even feel that she has) an aptitude for mathematical problem solving is something that will guide her throughout her formative years and, no doubt, will be critical in her desire to learn and boost her confidence at school.
From a teaching point of view, your system (compared to when we went to school) seems to combine fun with and genuine interest in learning that is not always associated with mathematics at this young age and for this we thank you very, very much.

Osman Abdelmoneim Dubai / UAE

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