About Us

Who Are We?

We are a team who believes passionately that early childhood is a very special and important period for forming solid mathematical foundations. Our team consists of mathematicians, system planners, early childhood educators, psychologists, illustrators, graphic designers, software developers and technology experts. Our whole team mission is to construct a joyful and reliable educational journey that invites children into the world of mathematics from an early age.

Brief History of Mathazone

We have seen that the root cause of people having problems with mathematics in both their daily and academic lives is not actually related to their level of intelligence. On the contrary, it is the suppression of intelligence through unnatural and rote-based learning models that leads to problems later. We believe that everyone can learn mathematics and use mathematics effectively in accordance with their interests and life preferences.

Unfortunately, by using mathematical programmes which are not developmentally appropriate for early childhood and which do not follow the correct universal order of mathematics, we miss out on the most vital period of brain development. During the early years the brain is perfectly programmed to code vital information and create critical neural pathways. When this period is not effectively utilised, mathematics become a nightmare. In our opinion, knowledge of mathematics is essential for building all life skills and is as basic as learning a mother tongue. Therefore, with Mathazone, we aimed to give the language of mathematics to children at the same time as they learn their mother tongue; during early childhood.

After considering all these facts we decided to lay the foundations of Mathazone, with the aim of integrating early learning psychology with mathematical education.

Development of Mathazone

Mathematician Nuket Solmaz, the content author of the Mathazone programme, started her preliminary research on the application of basic mathematical concepts in early childhood in 1997. After 2001, she had the opportunity to apply her research in Dubai, which provided an international environment in which to test her theories. In 2009, she joined together with businesswoman, Selva Muharremoglu, to create the basis of the Mathazone family.

Since then, they have developed the programme together in a multinational environment and meticulously made Mathazone a resource that can be used by all educators and parents. Through their hard work they created a comprehensive programme which includes characters, books, an online portal (videos, e-books, songs and weekly plan contents) and teacher training.

As the origins of the programme were the international schools in Dubai, the original programme was created in English. By 2013 the translation of the programme into Turkish was completed and schools in Turkey began to implement the programme in both languages. Teachers of many different nationalities have since used the programme and then taken Mathazone with them to the new countries they go to, ensuring that Mathazone has become a truly international early years mathematics programme.

Aim of Mathazone

Our goal is to be a source for teachers to guide our children, our future generation, to love themselves and all living beings and to become individuals who try their very best to solve any problems in their lives with the help of mathematics.

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