What Is Mathazone?

Mathazone is an early years mathematics programme especially designed for teachers to deliver the mathematics curriculum in an engaging and systematic way while supporting children's social and emotional development.

Through special stories and cute characters Mathazone helps early learners discover maths in real life and speak mathematical language fluently.

Abstract mathematical concepts turn into meaningful concrete values with the help of stories and games in the Mathazone Forest.

The programme guides teachers through weekly plans to show how an ordinary daily problem can be converted into a mathematical concept key teaching point.

Mathematical achievement becomes easier for teachers with Mathazone because the links between the stories and maths concepts are mostly based on very basic daily life needs and emotions. All of them can be understood and implemented easily in a way that children understand and enjoy.

Coding the universal maths concepts in the early years has never been so easy. Teachers can achieve this simply by following the Mathazone Programme weekly plans on the Online Portal

The adventure begins with Mathazone stories from ”Numeral Street” where Mr1, Ms2, Mr3 and others live side-by-side. This street has certain rules and life styles, just as in real life.  The neighbourly relationships between the characters living on the street are especially important. These relationships help us to understand the links between the universal mathematical concepts.

There are also other friends living in Mathazone Forest who visit and interact with the Numeral Characters.  Characters like Mo the Turtle, Koko the Butterfly, Balbee the Bumblebee, Toto the Rabbit and Crocodile Timmy each play an important role in introducing mathematical concepts. For example, Koko the Butterfly loves symmetrical designs and she uses symmetry very often in her life. For this reason, games using the concept of symmetry are introduced by the Koko character. Other Mathazone characters and children together help Koko in the game by analysing her feelings and focussing on the symmetry target in a fun way.

As children progress with the Mathazone programme new streets and new characters start to take roles in the forest. As they delve deeper into the forest the level of the mathematical concepts they encounter increases.

For example, children up to the age of 4 meet with the characters 0-9 on Numeral Street but at higher levels they are introduced to two-digit numbers. At this point, Leader Mr1 and his new street “Teen Street” start to appear. Children start to discover new districts of Mathazone Forest just as we do in our real lives.

Each new maths concept in Mathazone Forest creates a stepping stone for children to understand future maths concepts as well as consolidate the concepts they have learned previously. For this reason, Mathazone games and stories are compatible with all the concepts children need to learn from the beginning onwards. All mathematical concepts are introduced in the right order of universal Mathematics through the weekly implementation plans.

The concepts covered in the Mathazone weekly plans are; problem solving, numeracy, operations, colours, shapes, directions, time, symmetry, money, graphics, measure and estimation.

All these concepts are combined with social and emotional analysis in the plans.

Mathazone stories create a place where children can easily discover the patterns in mathematical concepts. The feeling of discovery and success they achieve as they progress through the programme supports their confidence and encourages a higher interest in maths as they grow.

Teachers deliver all the concepts to the children by using;

  • Mathazone Stories and Drama
  • Images of the Mathazone Forest Characters and Maps
  • Mathazone Game techniques
  • Online Mathazone weekly plan materials such as videos and songs



Mathazone weekly plans are prepared with a holistic approach so that teachers can reach all children through 6 different cross-curricular areas:

  • Maths in Music
  • Maths in Art
  • Maths in Games
  • Maths in Science
  • Maths in Language
  • Maths in Emotions (Life Coaching).

The Mathazone Forest programme provides a happy learning path to teachers and schools to help children discover mathematical concepts and relate them to real life.




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