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Mathazone has taken over our school since we were first introduced to Mr 1 and his friends just over a year ago! Mathazone has given us the tools and the language we needed to ensure mathematics is everywhere in our school. Children are delighted to meet the cute characters and learn about their adventures in Mathazone Forest. As their Mathazone friends encounter problems to solve they are able to relate these problems to their own lives and thereby learn important mathematical concepts in a meaningful way rather than as an abstract subject. We are delighted with the progress we have seen in the children so far and are excited to find more ways to use Mathazone to enrich our curriculum.

Ziggy Ören Founder /Education Co-ordinator at Zigzag Kids Club, Antalya, Turkey, 2017

Hi, I'm Sajitha, teacher. I have been working at the Rashid Centre for the last 7 years in special education. I have been using the Mathazone Programme to teach mathematics since Miss Nuket came and taught us about the programme two years ago. My children's interest in mathematics has increased tremendously and I have observed excellent progress in them. I enjoy teaching maths more than ever before. In fact, I didn't care much about teaching mathematics before, but after I started using Mathazone, I could almost say that maths became my specialty. In Mathazone, the special characters and numerical characters are really effective at helping children solve problems involving basic mathematical concepts such as shapes, colours, patterns, sorting and numeral recognition. We created a Mathazone Market in our class and the children love shopping at the Mathazone Market.

Ms. Sajitha Rashid Centre Dubai, 2018

Hello, my name is Tatyana. I have been working as a kindergarten teacher in Dubai for 7 years and we use the Mathazone Programme in our school. Our children love the stories and characters, and through the characters and stories they can easily match real numbers and learn mathematics comfortably. It is also very good for us that Mathazone is prepared in 3 languages, namely Turkish, Russian and English. Maybe Mathazone will be in other languages ​​soon. I would also like to say that as a parent, my daughter’s mathematical success in class 3 is definitely linked to the fact that she was introduced to these stories and heroes at a young age. In mathematics, she can easily do everything without help from us. I would like to thank the Mathazone Programme for this and wish you success.

Ms. Tatyana Odyssey Nursery Dubai, 2018

Hello, I'm May, I'm from Egypt, I work for the Odyssey Kindergarten in Dubai. I have been using Mathazone for 7 years. Mathazone is an amazing programme. With Mathazone we can teach all maths concepts to children through the exciting Mathazone stories. In fact, I must say that children are excited to learn more in mathematics. We have characters in every story and we teach different concepts with these characters. For example, we have a character called Silly Witch, who teaches us to add or subtract depending on her feelings. If she feels in a good mood when she wakes up in the morning, she gives more cookies and then we make addition. We can teach emotions and transactions together with Silly Witch. If she is happy that day we give the children more cookies but if she is unhappy or frustrated we take back what she has given. It is really a very nice thing to be able to give all concepts through these stories. I find the programme very successful.

Ms. May Zalat Odyssey Nursery Dubai, 2018

As a preschool teacher, I have always supported the idea that children should build mathematical foundations from a very early age. Mathazone is a wonderful adventure where children are encouraged to be curious while they are learning. I hope that together with Mathazone I will be able to touch many more lives in a positive way.

Meltem Özdemir Teacher at Zigzag Kids Club, Antalya, Turkey, 2017

I am Nazan Tuğral, child development and education specialist, I have been in the education sector for 30 years and I specialise in the age group of 6. In 30 years, I have not met a programme like Mathazone. We have been using the programme and its book consistently and we have discussed the programme with our teachers over the past couple of years. We have not seen a programme which introduces all the important concepts in the right order in all our years of teaching. When choosing from many books for preschool mathematics, we would always notice tiny deficiencies and nuances which prevented us from being convinced but there are no such deficiencies in the Mathazone Programme and books. The perfect continuation of the Mathazone Programme helps our children to answer all the questions that may be in their heads.

Nazan Tuğral Happy Geniuses Kindergarten Founder – Antalya, Turkey, 2018

Mathazone is an incredibly perfect system. If we describe Mathazone in general, we can say that it is an environment and a system that presents the mathematics education that the parents want to give to their child in the most natural way and with the most experience. We are very pleased; our students and parents are incredibly happy. Thank you very much for introducing us to this system.

Hülya Öztürk Adana Bahçeşehir College Kindergarten classroom teacher, 2017

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