The MATHAZONE PROGRAM aims to define maths as a way of thinking and not only series of calculations. With the development of technology, specifically information technology, time has become more specifically than it ever was. We need to think faster, analyse the situation, get the correct data and find solutions very efficiently. Children need these maths skills in order to keep up to date in an ever changing world. This thinking methodology is more important than the ability to simply calculate.

The Maths as a way of thinking is developed by the following;

  • - Teaching children maths language,
  • - Develop analytical thinking skills,
  • - Introduce the main concepts of maths that forms the basis of lifelong maths education,

One can not have a deep understanding of a culture without knowing the language of that culture. Similarly it is not possible to understand and be successful in the maths world without knowing the maths language. The MATHAZONE PROGRAM teaches children the maths language at an age where children can learn vocabulary easier and they are less likely to forget.

The ability to think analytically and critically is crucial to being successful and fulfilling your purpose in every part of daily life. Analytical thinking is based on strong mathematical foundations. The MATHAZONE PROGRAM sets up these foundation skills by following a unique curriculum that helps children to understand the stages of analytical thinking and solve problems that arise in their daily lives.

Once children are familiar with the maths language and become little analytical thinkers, the main concepts of the maths world which forms the basis of lifelong maths aducation are intoduced. Each maths concept is introduced through these books at an age appropriate level. Therefore you are advised to follow each concept in sequence.

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