Author of the Programme and the books Nuket Hamsioglu Solmaz is a mathematician and has been researching early childhood maths education methods for more than 15 years. Her international team got together to create a specialised maths programme aiming to introduce maths concepts in a fun, creative&long lasting manner. All concepts in the books have been tried and tested in an international school enviroment. Feedback from both parents and children around the world give the real worth of her programme.

The coordinator of the Maths Garden Programme Selva Muharremoglu was fascinated by this programme at the first time when she heard about it from Ms. Nuket. Because she has two kids and worked in financing sector more than 10 years. She knows that maths is everywhere so she believed that little kids should grow up with Maths Garden Programme. After that she put her effort immediately to carry this programme into books.

The team consist of illustrator Ms. Saadet Ceylan, graphic designer Mr. Ahmet Sert, english editor Ms. Jue Comer, author Ms. Nuket Solmaz and coordinator Ms. Selva Muharremoglu worked together with joy and after 3 years they present the basic 9 story books and 4 workbooks of the Maths Garden Programme. We hope you enjoy each of them.

Our aim is to develope the new materials and ideas that can value maths learning all around the world.

Our Team

Mr. Ahmet Sert

Ms. Saadet Ceylan

Ms. Jue Comer

Ms. Ebru Saravin

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